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Codeshare Partnerships

Codeshares in virtual airlines standards is a flight operated by a VA pilot using the assigned callsign, though using a codeshare aircraft and route. For example, an Air Canada Virtual Pilot can fly using their "Air Canada XXXVA" callsign. But, they are using a codeshare aircraft, flying on codeshare routes. All this while still being able to log hours for Air Canada Virtual. This is also the case for vice versa situations.


Star Alliance (Virtual) Partners

Non-Star Alliance (Virtual) Partners

Air China Virtual* - Website | Thread

All Nippon Virtual* - Website | Thread

Asiana Virtual* - Website | Thread

Non-Stop Virtual* - Website | Thread

Singapore Virtual* - Website | Thread

Aer Lingus Virtual* - Website | Thread

(*) Star Indicates apart of Star Alliance Virtual 

Identifying Codeshare Routes

Codeshare routes are easy to identify within our Crew Centre. There are multiple ways to filter out and narrow your search for codeshare routes as well. The most common way is to filter routes by aircraft. Each aircraft will have a livery associated with it. For example, if you are looking for an Air China route, you can filter routes by selecting "(Aircraft) - Air China"

When looking for routes on our airtable, go to the codeshares tab, and look at the routes under the airlines specific section.